Before the morning comes, will I hear your song
   Come little nightingale, I won’t be here for long
   When you’re up there flying, do you care
   If there’s no one else around ?
   When your lover leaves you in the air
   Do you waver, do you fall ?
   Now while the moon is high
   Shall we, nightingale,
   Duet all through the night
   A pair of souls for sale
   Stars cluster glistening
   Captive till the dawn
   Patiently listening
   They’ve heard it all before
   Should I stay here or should I go ?
   I couldn’t bear to be alone
   Was it really love I saw ?
   Oh, now I’ll never know
   What is this I hear ?
   I recognise that song
   Sweet little nightingale I knew you’d come along
   Soon when the morning comes
   We will both be gone
   So sing pretty nightingale
   Lead, I’ll follow on
                                      ( Ferry / Manzanera )